Lower School students have live lessons online with instructors in China during Chinese class

Collaborating with Nihao Zhongwen, an online Chinese teaching and learning program, Admiral Farragut Academy Lower School students took live classes with professional instructors in China through the ClassIn online platform.

“It was the first time our young students had this type of online learning experience of the Chinese language and culture in a school setting,” said Chinese Lower School Instructor Jasmine Xiang. “Students interacted with the teacher online through the smartboard which is synchronized with the online teacher’s teaching platform.”

Nihao Zhongwen provided two types of Chinese online classes: dual instructor live classes and individual computer-based live classes.

On March 6th, twenty 5th graders participated in a dual instructor live class with an instructor teaching online and Dr. Xiang co-teaching in the classroom.
(See the shared video)

On March 22nd, four 6th graders experienced an individual computer-based live class. Each of them used a computer with a web camera, a headphone, and a microphone. They talked to the online teacher and classmates individually and collectively, through multiple channels online.

“All of the students provided positive feedback on their online classes,” said Dr. Xiang. “They thought it was very cool to talk with a teacher in China and exciting to play learning games online. They especially liked competing with their peers to earn virtual awards, such as a sparkling trophy with applause and cheers as the background.”

Behind these successful online classes, there were tremendous efforts from Farragut faculty and staff. Thank you to:

  • program initiation and coordination of Dr. Jasmine Xiang,
  • technology setup and support from Mr. Joe Sloan and Ms. Jillian Maguire,
  • school setting and student support from Ms. Anita Fine and Mr. Matt Olesnevich

“We became the pioneers in online learning of a foreign language,” said Dr. Xiang. “Such an online experience can prepare our students for online learning in high school, college, and for their lifelong learning.”