#FlashbackFarragut series begins, follow us on Instagram and Facebook

In an effort to flashback into Farragut history, the Advancement team started the hashtag #FlashbackFarragut. They will choose a relevant photo out of the yearbook and re-enact the photograph. Look for the posts on social media and try to tag yourself or friends in the photo on Instagram (@Farragut_Life) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/farragut.org)!

April 15, 2016

Flashback Farragut Softball 1992-1993

Then: The 1992-1993 school year was the first year for the female softball team. This photo did not have a description… can you add one?

Today: From right to left; Corryn Miner ’16, Maiya Fudge ’16, Johnelle Young ’16, and Sarah Schleich ’17.