Farragut’s Softball team is featured in the Tampa Bay Times

On April 4, 2018, the Tampa Bay Times website released a news story by staff writer Bob Putnam entitled “No varsity blues at Admiral Farragut where underclassmen dominate”. In the article, Putnam features our Softball team, including interviews with Coach Linda Derk and several of our student-athletes. Read below for several excerpts, as well as a link to the story.

“Admiral Farragut has been on top of the Class 3A, District 5 softball standings for so long now that it seems the postseason cannot go on without the Blue Jackets hosting at least one playoff game.

The program has become a model of consistency with four straight playoff appearances, including three straight trips to the region finals, as well as a state semifinal berth in 2017.”


“Nine years ago, Derk started the varsity program from scratch. There were some lean seasons. From 2011-12, the Blue Jackets had just one win. They steadily improved to the point where they can continue a relentless pursuit of flawlessness in games that matter most.”


“‘I want to make sure they understand where we came from,’ Derk said. “Even if they might not have physically been present, that they have a working knowledge mentally that at any given time on any given day anything can happen and we weren’t always on the winning side for many years but those girls that came before them really set the path for where they are today.’”


“‘This is more of a family than a softball program,” Derk said. “That was the long-term goal, to have families involved and continue to develop the program so our success doesn’t stop at graduation.’”