Farragut teams place in Academic Team Brain Brawl Tournament

Junior Valentina Fornaro Galliano submitted this story about the Academic Team Brain Brawl Tournament.

On the 23rd of September, our Academic Team competed in the Academic Team Brain Brawl Tournament that was held at Gaither High School.

Farragut brought two teams – AFA 1 and AFA 2. On AFA 1 were Evan Schlifstein ‘19, Chris Northup ‘18, Gianni DeFelice ‘19, Hunter Gordon ‘19, and Bianca DeSilva ‘20. On AFA 2 were Spencer Kirtland ‘19, Fernando Robalino ‘20, Mitchell Lewis ‘21, Andrey Chekalsy ‘19, and Stephen Smiley ‘19.

AFA 1 was able to take 7th place out of a total of 32 teams. Chris Northup was the highest scorer, scoring 80 of the 100 points from the third round for AFA 1.

The teams competed in 3 rounds before lunch and 3 more after lunch. AFA 1 scored 100 points in the 3rd round, allowing them to get into both the quarter and the semifinals.

The questions included knowledge pertaining to Naval Science, current events, and bonus questions covering literature, music, sports, and TV shows.

We want to thank Commander Schock for giving us the opportunity for our Academic Team to compete in the Brain Brawl and have such a good experience.