Farragut students rub elbows with journalist icon

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This past weekend, three of our students – George Hamilton ‘18, Shawn Simon ‘17, and Michael Cooney ‘16 — attended the annual Suncoast Tigers Tiger Bay awards featuring guest of honor and keynote speaker Carl Bernstein. Bernstein is best known for his journalistic work with his peer at the Washington Post, Bob Woodward, breaking the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

Bernstein, along with Woodward, co-authored the best-seller “All the Presidents Men.” In a film adapted from the book, Bernstein was played by Dustin Hoffman and Woodward by Robert Redford.

The students attended the event as guests of Upper School English instructor Heather Ewing, who received four tickets from Pinellas County Commissioner Janet Long during Long’s visit to the Farragut campus two weeks ago.