Experience Prekindergarten at Farragut: Voted the best private elementary school in St. Petersburg

Prekindergarten at Admiral Farragut Academy

Experience Prekindergarten at Farragut

At Admiral Farragut Academy, we consider all of our faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, and even grandparents, as part of the “Farragut Family.” We welcome the relationship and bond that is created between our families and the individuals who interact with, teach, and guide all of our students. Parents choose Farragut because our teachers create a learning environment that centers around support and compassion from early education to high school graduation. This bond begins with our youngest learners in prekindergarten, which is designed for 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds.

Prekindergarten at Admiral Farragut Academy

Prekindergarten at Farragut is a multi-age program held in one classroom.

We strongly believe this provides many benefits for our younger and older students. Our classroom environment allows our students to develop a spirit of cooperation versus competition. Children are encouraged to learn at their own developmental level regardless of their chronological age. In addition, our younger students have the opportunity to develop their independence and confidence through self-directed learning by watching and engaging in activities with their older peers. This also allows our older students to develop their sense of leadership and mentorship at a very early age. With the potential for multiple years of educating each child, we as teachers, have more time to focus on each child’s individual learning experience. By observing and recognizing each child’s strengths, we are able to provide support for all areas of learning.

Our whole group instruction time allows the academic content to be presented to every child.

This allows younger children to observe and emulate the learning behaviors of their older peers. Older children will model more advanced problem solving and critical thinking skills. Appropriate expectations are set for younger children who are not being compared to their “same-age” peers, but rather typical developmental age range expectations. During our small group activities, we are able to provide support for those students who are still developing certain skills while providing new challenges for those students who are motivated and prepared to progress upward.

All of this instruction is designed to allow each child to develop at their own pace and celebrate each measure of progress and success.

It is our goal to create in each child a lifelong love of learning as we help each child to discover success in both academic and emotional growth. Our students move forward to their future endeavors with a sense of curiosity for learning, pride in their accomplishments, and the perseverance necessary to succeed.

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