Yuanyuan (Jasmine) Xiang, Ph.D.

Yuanyuan (Jasmine) Xiang, Ph.D.

Mandarin Chinese Teacher


Degree: Ph.D., Sociocultural and International Education
School: Florida State University
Year: 2015

Degree: M.S., Education Administration and Management
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China)
Year: 2007

Degree: B.A., English Education
School: Hubei University (China)
Year: 2003


Dr. Xiang (Pronounced as Shiang in English) started teaching Chinese language and culture to American students with various backgrounds when she came to the US in 2008. Before teaching Chinese as a foreign language, Dr. Xiang used to teach English and coordinate English language programs in China.

Dr. Xiang has extensive experience in adopting different teaching techniques and cultural methods according to student individual characters and cognitive styles. The training and research from her doctoral program keeps her educational expertise at a high level.

Dr. Xiang loves swimming and traveling when she is not working. She is also passionate about leading her students and friends to explore China in well-designed, cross-cultural programs.