Tom Xenakis

Tom Xenakis

Social Science/Studies

Social Studies Department Chair, World History, World History Honors, American History, Western Civilization Honors, 20th Century History, 9 – 12


Degree: B.A. (majored in American History)
School: State University of New York at Albany
Year: 1991

Degree: M.A. in Teaching: Social Studies
School: State University of New York at Stony Brook
Year: 1994

Extracurricular Activities

Social Studies Club, 3D Modelling Club, Guitar Club, Filmmaking and Photography Club

Employed Since



Mr. Xenakis chose to become a Social Studies teacher mainly to help students develop into constructive members of society and active members of their global community. He feels that his experience teaching students from dozens of countries over the past 19 years has provided him with valuable knowledge and insights into other cultures that make his classes more engaging and informative for his students.

Mr. Xenakis enjoys a variety of activities outside of school. He enjoys weightlifting, bicycling, playing a variety of musical instruments, 3D modeling and animation, making digital music and videos, photography, and expanding his knowledge of history, art, technology, and culture through a wide variety of extensive lecture courses by renowned professors and instructors. Mr. Xenakis passes on many of these skills to his students through class activities and during the various extracurricular clubs he sponsors.

Mr. Xenakis has adopted four shelter dogs over the past two years. One of them, like Mr. Xenakis, has bad vision.