Marc Spera

Marc Spera

Overnight Res Life Officer in Charge
Department: ,
Degree: BS Secondary English Ed.
School: Temple University
Year: 1995

Mr. Marc Spera has over 30 years experience teaching and instructing youth.  He graduated from Temple University College of Education in May of 1995 and holds a Bachelor of Science in Secondary English education.  In addition, he completed his student teaching at South Philadelphia High School, the same high school from which he graduated in 1980.

Mr. Spera has been an active member of the Boy Scouts of America, working since 1984 as a Summer Camp Staff member,  Camp/Program Director, and Asst. Camp Director.  Mr. Spera has designed and conducted countless training sessions covering subjects such as youth protection, risk management, homesickness, sexual harassment, emergency weather procedures, merit badge counseling methods, and peer relations.

Mr. Spera served as a Program Assistant for the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge from February 1993 until June 1995 where he aided the youth programs’ staff in conducting conferences for high school and junior high school students.   While at The Freedoms Foundation, he also directed a few of those conferences.  It was at the Freedoms Foundation that Mr. Spera met and befriended such dynamic speakers as Gen. H. Norman Schwartzkopf, Dr. Earl Reum, Dr. Paul Sanborn, Dr. Jonathan Lurie, Dolph Droge, Bob Tryanski, Dan LeClerc, Dennis Foreman, Bruce Murphy, Dith Pran, and Viktor Borovsy, among others.   It was speakers of this caliber that encouraged Mr. Spera to enter the world of educational speaking.

Mr. Spera also has published several written works including a book of poetry, many essays, song lyrics, photos, and reviews of products, services, and films.

In February 2016, Mr. Spera founded, and is the owner/operator of ResLife Reboot and Camp Consulting, a firm dedicated to assisting Residential Life and Camp programs with staffing and operational support.  He has been, most recently, a Dorm Parent and Activities Teacher at the Squaw Valley Academy, and the Hampshire Country School in New Hampshire. Prior to that, he was the Director of Residential Life at The Robinson School of San Juan, Puerto Rico.   His primary responsibility at Robinson School was to design and run the boarding program at the school.  The boarding program, which launched in 2010, was, at that time, the only private boarding school program in the entire Caribbean.  Located in the Condado section of San Juan, The Robinson School has been in operation for over 110 years.

Prior to Robinson School, Mr. Spera was a member of the cottage faculty at CFS-The School at Church Farm, where he had been since Sept. 1995.  His primary responsibility in that position was to instruct his charges in the social and physical aspects of community living, as well as giving guidance when needed.  He has also served as a cottage faculty coordinator, an english teacher, moderator of several clubs, coach, director of the annual holiday pageant, as well as a substitute teacher for various area school districts.

Since 2005, Marc has produced over 700 short videos showcased on YouTube.  In 2007, Marc was offered, and accepted, a YouTube partnership.  In 2011, Marc became a member of Actors in Motion Inc., a talent agency located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Through his affiliation with AiM, Marc has appeared in locally produced commercials and film productions.  He has also enjoyed time as a voice actor on several projects in various media, and has hosted both on air, and internet radio programs.

Among the many jobs he has held, Mr. Spera has been a lifeguard, swimming instructor, swim team coach, printer, carpenter, electronics repairman, dishwasher, bouncer, bodyguard, short order cook, food delivery driver, security guard, video rental clerk, shooting instructor, nature instructor, substitute teacher, writer, Sidecar, Uber and Lyft driver, and ALMOST a Philadelphia Police Officer.  He is also a licensed HAM radio operator, holds the rank of Shodan in aikido, and enjoys fly and bass fishing and SCUBA diving in what’s left of his spare time.