Joe Sloan

Joe Sloan

Chief Information Officer and Technology


Degree(s) B.S., University of Alabama

Employed Since



Prior to coming to Farragut, Joe was an independent systems, services, and network engineering contractor for over a decade. Joe has worked with the Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA, Ryder International, The Corps of Engineers, the Army Missile Command Center and their sub contractors. Shortly after the Shuttle disaster, he was part of a project contracted to investigate the use of a computerized system for the inspection of the solid rocket booster seals of the Shuttle at a time when there was no such thing as a truly “portable” computer to perform the inspection task. He also worked closely on the Patriot Missile defense systems that were deployed during Operation Desert Storm. His role was to help integrate the rack-mounted computer support module of those systems, so that it could sustain the incredibly abusive conditions presented by the hostile desert environment.

Over the last several years Farragut has found itself on the forefront of leading the academic movement toward more Internet access on campus.

“Many schools work incredibly hard to restrict students’ access to the Internet beyond reasonable content filtering. We have found it to be much more productive to teach them how best to avoid the pitfalls of exploring the web, and instead to properly use the Internet for the wealth of information it contains.”