Grady Heiss

Grady Heiss

Science, Robotics

Science Teacher, AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Standard Chemistry, STEM/Robotics

Degree: Bachelors in Business Administration
School: University of North Florida
Year: 1991

Mr. Heiss has 15 years of experience teaching science to middle and high school students. A strong believer in hands-on, real-world application of what is taught in the classroom, Mr. Heiss involves students in a variety of methods to reinforce course concepts. Skilled in Chemistry, Marine Science, Environmental Science and Robotics, he also has served as Science Department Chair and Vice Principal at his previous schools.

Science impacts students in their daily lives, whether it is the air they breathe, the sports they play or the phones they use. Mr. Heiss believes it is crucial for students to realize the connectivity science brings to life and the potential each person has to shape the world through the way they live or the career they choose.

Mr. Heiss enjoys spending time with his family, especially visiting historical sites. A veteran of the United States Navy – and the son of Navy parents –  Mr. Heiss has an interest in military history and playing strategy games like chess.

Deep down, Mr. Heiss is a pirate at heart. His current ambition is to combine his love of history with his passion for adventure by assembling an authentic pirate ensemble from the 1700’s and participating in Sir Francis Drake’s raid on St. Augustine as a reenactor.