Devon McPherson

Devon McPherson

Kindergarten Teacher

Devon McPherson is a master educator with a passion for helping children get the right start in life. Devon’s philosophy is that children are capable of achieving at the highest levels when they are immersed in the learning process in a warm playful environment. Her experience as an educator has taught her that all growth follows predictable patterns, and when it comes to early learning there are a set of specific principles that allow children to climb the steps of educational achievement.  

Mrs. McPherson has an undergraduate degree in elementary education, with a minor in early childhood learning; plus a master’s degree in educational leadership. She has sixteen years of experience teaching young students, along with three years as a private school headmaster, where she had the responsibility of overseeing the learning process for some of the brightest and best minds. 

McPherson is also an advocate of early literacy because research shows it is a critical link to academic achievement, knowledge retention, and enhanced productivity in adult life. As part of her community outreach in her previous residence, she established a literacy center where thousands of children received free tutoring by volunteers from within the municipality. 

Devon is a wife and mother of five children, three of which will be attending AFA beginning this fall. As a former collegiate athlete, she is looking forward to cheering from the bleachers as our students compete. Devon is thrilled to be a member of the Admiral Farragut Academy faculty and part of our family.

Degree: Masters in Educational Leadership
School: Brigham Young University