Catherine Windish

Catherine Windish

AP Capstone, Psychology, Language Arts


  • AP Psychology
  • Psychology
  • AP Capstone Seminar
  • Language Arts III


  • Degree: BA Psychology
  • School: Flagler College
  • Year: 1981


Ms. Windish arrived at AFA with 17 years teaching experience. She has taught junior high and high school English, and for the last 10 years, added AP Psychology to her course schedule. She has spent her last two years teaching at ACS Cobham International School, a boarding school in Surrey, England, where she was given the opportunity to train in the IB program, AP Capstone program, and Mindfulness in Schools Project. In addition to teaching she has held the positions of English department chair, and Head of Year 12 as part of a pastoral care team. She is also an AP Psychology Reader for College Board.

Ms. Windish does what she does because she loves to challenge her students to “think outside the box” and develop critical thinking skills in order to be active participants in the 21st-century learning arena. She considers among her greatest achievements, the positive feedback students give her after they have gone onto college and university especially when they tell her she inspired them to pursue a career in psychology or become a teacher.

A teacher can’t teach “out of the box” thinking unless he/she thinks similarly, and Ms. Windish thrives on seeking new and exciting strategies to assist her students in learning while having fun doing so. All of her experience pales in comparison to the positive energy and enthusiasm she displays whether she is in the classroom or on the sidelines as a spectator at a school sporting event.

Ms. Windish loves to read, to learn, to travel, to practice mindfulness, and to engage in stimulating conversation.

Fun Fact: She failed biology in high school, and had to retake the course, so it is ironic that now one of her favorite units to teach in psychology is neuroscience.