MCPO Brian Swanson, USN (Ret)

MCPO Brian Swanson, USN (Ret)

Naval Science Instructor
Department: ,


Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle University


Navy Enlisted Leader Development Master Facilitator

Senior Enlisted Academy Graduate


Brian has over 24 years of experience in the United States Navy. As a Senior Enlisted Leader, Brian built successful teams by serving others, building trust, and leading by example. Brian’s teams achieved continued recognition in the areas of aviation maintenance expertise, career programs adherence, and retention excellence. Sailors on his teams truly wanted to come to work, do their absolute best, and not let the team down.

Swanson also has an extensive background in facilitation, instruction, and training. Volunteering to become a Master Facilitator for the Navy’s newest leader development course solidified his love of teaching and developing others and further validated why he was successful as a leader. Brian often studies high-performance psychology, reads and listens to podcasts, to better understand a champion’s mindset, and regularly challenges himself with endurance feats in running and cycling to stimulate physical and mental growth.

Brian has been an active volunteer within education and schools as a coach, leader, and mentor for years.

Employed since 2022