Lower School’s Daddy Daughter Dance, “A Night In Paris”


The Daddy Daughter Dance, hosted by the Parents’ Group and themed “A Night In Paris”, was a night full of twirling, Eiffel Tower chocolates, and big smiles.

On Saturday, February 4, the West Lounge of Farragut Hall was transformed into a ballroom, like it had once been when it was the Jungle Country Club Hotel during the 1920s. Girls in grades PreK-7th at Farragut brought with them a special someone who was either their dad, uncle, grandfather, or a family friend. The event had a great turnout, with around 57 total attendees, which also included younger female siblings of our Lower School girls.

“The girls were beautiful and had a blast and the dads were equally impressive as they showed off some of their own special dance moves!” said Denise Colangelo, Parents’ Group President and mom of 5th grader Sophia.

Thank you to everyone who provided food, volunteered, and assisted with the event:

  • Pasadena Yacht and Country Club provided chicken marsala, rice pilaf and a garden salad.
  • SAGE Dining provided chicken fingers for the girls. Everyone also enjoyed croissants and rolls.
  • Lenka Kutova, mother to 5th grade student Karolina, made her delicious macaroons filled with white chocolate.
  • Alison Lescarbeau, Advancement Director, created yummy chocolate Eiffel Tower pops as a take home gift for each girl.
  • Marilyn Reynolds, Kindergarten teacher, photographed the event.
  • Malia Bakken, mother to 1st grade student Leila,  provided the music selection.
  • Kimberly Backman, mother to Kindergarten students Blake and Barrett, provided props and a sound and light machine.
  • A very special THANK YOU to the Parents’ Group dance committee, made up of Denise Colangelo, July Bonilla, Cathy Larrinaga, Samantha Lewis, Saskia Etter, Shannon Stalzer and Pat Deveaux!