Class Notes: Edward Riche ‘41N, Dr. Chas Allen ‘02, Jeff Ogden ‘00, Paul Wang ’85N, Chris Shaw ’92S, Tanupat Dunnvatanachit ’12, and George Michel ‘49S

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Victor Riche, the son of Edward Riche ‘41N, came to campus a couple weeks ago.

Victor planned a special trip to get together with his childhood friends from New Jersey and met in St. Petersburg so he could donate his father’s Trident yearbook back to Farragut. It was very heartwarming. We had a wonderful time learning about Edward through his son’s eyes. Victor shared with us that his father Edward had an active life following graduation in 1941, Edward was stationed in the Philippines on a PT Boat during WWII.  He resided in New Jersey for two decades before spending his final years in North Carolina. After the war, he worked as a salesman for the Overhead Door Company covering Manhattan. Edward enjoyed hobbies including winning contests in the Toastmasters, serving as editor of a community paper, teaching calligraphy, and volunteering in the local animal shelter. He also found time to build complex model sail ships, which Victor will be donating to Farragut to display in the museum. Victor remembers his father’s advice, “the most important words are words of kindness – use them often.” Thank you Victor for making this special trip to Farragut, the pleasure was all ours.

Dr. Chas Allen ‘02

Chas Allen came back to campus for Career Day to teach the lower school students about becoming a veterinarian. The kids really enjoyed learning about his practice but most of all Dr. Allen knew how to engage the kids with games and prize giveaways for understanding pet care. Dr. Allen has always wanted to own his own practice, as he enjoys the personal relationships he has built with his clients and their furry loved ones. Dr. Allen is the owner of the Animal Hospital of Treasure Island with Dr. Forkner. Keep up the great work Dr. Allen by taking care of our furry family members.

Jeff Ogden ‘00

During a recent trip to SE Asia, Jeff Ogden, Farragut’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, found some familiar faces on his trek.

  • Paul Wang ’85N shared one of his local favorites and business interests in Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Chris Shaw ’92S took time out of his day as the Director of S.M.A.R.T. at the Amazing English school in Ho Chi Ming City to catch up with Jeff.

  • Tanupat Dunnvatanachit ’12 welcomed Jeff to Bangkok, Thailand with open arms. The two caught up on all things Farragut and T’s love for French cuisine.

George Michel ‘49S

Always a treat to visit with George Michel when he is in town. George shared his words of wisdom on business, all things Farragut, and how to be successful in this life.  He gave the team a word of advice “always move forward!” Lastly, he reminded us Farragut sets your compass for life. Thank you for taking the time today to impart your wisdom.

George Michel ’49S travels the world at about 75 degrees north, 83 degrees 34 minutes west, or about 970 miles from the North Pole.