CIS honors senior Chris Hastrup with special award

Graduating senior Chris Hastrup was honored Wednesday for his leadership with an award rarely given to students, and never before to one at Admiral Farragut Academy.

The Matthew F. Little CCBPI Award, named for a Critical Intervention Services (CIS) officer killed in the line of duty, recognizes graduating seniors who are leaders among their peers and friends to everyone, who come to school with a positive attitude and promote a positive school culture.

“When I think of all those things, Chris Hastrup is the first one that pops into my head,” said Staff Sergeant Michael Marcus, known as Officer Mike to the Farragut community.

CIS Chief of Uniformed Services Hector Rodriguez was on hand to present the award during Morning Formation.

“This is an award not given out easily,” Rodriguez said. “Only about 15 people have ever received this award, and Chris is the first at Admiral Farragut Academy. Matt believed in education, he believed in leadership, humility, commitment and honor, and he believed in making a difference. He truly loved what he did.”

Chris, who received a certificate and a CIS challenge coin, plans to attend American University in the fall.

“At Farragut, each student is given the mission to live up to the US Navy’s core values of honor, courage, and commitment since the moment they walk through the door,” Marcus said. “These core values create an environment where the status quo is never good enough and challenging yourself to always strive for more is expected. Lots of students have some of those traits, but to truly embody all of those things is a rare thing — and he fit the bill.”