Video message to parents from Headmaster Bob Fine regarding coronavirus challenges and online learning

Special video message to parents from Headmaster Bob Fine regarding coronavirus challenges and online learning.

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SAGE Dining Blog: From their dietitians on supporting your immune system

Check out this blog by SAGE Dining Services, Farragut’s dining partner, about using food to support your immune system.

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School events that are canceled or postponed due to Coronavirus

Here are important school canceled and or postponed events due to Coronavirus. Please continue to check our COVID-19 website landing page and your email for current updates. Read more

Vote for Farragut in the School Category for the 2020 Best of the Best in the Tampa Bay area!

Admiral Farragut Academy is up for the award in the School Category for the Best of the Best in the Tampa Bay area!

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Registration Open for 2020 Summer Camps at Farragut

At Farragut, summer means jump right in. With fun and educational summer day camps and a world-renowned summer boarding program, our attendees get a glimpse of all the “awesome” that happens here all year long. And yes, our camps for EVERYONE, not just students of Admiral Farragut Academy! Read more

Communications to parents regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Vlad Poliak ‘20 earns solo pilot endorsement

Please join the Aviation Department in congratulating Vladimir Poliak ‘20 on earning his solo pilot endorsement. Vlad flew solo for the first time on February 26, 2020, in a Cessna 172 aircraft, tail number N99265, at Albert Whitted Airport.

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Summer@Farragut introduces new extended program that lasts entire summer

In addition to the 6-week Summer@Farragut program, we are now offering an Extended Summer@Farragut program that provides housing and supervision the entire summer while school is out of session, May 22 – August 16, 2020. This program was created to help students who may experience potential international travel restrictions.

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The Importance of STEM Education

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is the cornerstone of formal education. The skills learned in a STEM classroom can be applied to every part of life, be it academic or otherwise. At Admiral Farragut Academy, where engineering is considered a signature program, students from PreK all the way up to 12th grade have the opportunity to learn these valuable skills and to find passions in areas that they may not have known existed, and that may not exist for years to come.

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Admiral Farragut Academy awarded $5,000 by The Outback Bowl

On March 4, 2020, for the second year in a row, Farragut parent and Outback Bowl Board Member Christopher Giblin presented a $5,000 check to the Farragut Fund to be used in support of teachers and students. Giblin is father to Farragut sixth-grader Christopher Giblin.

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