Benefits of attending military school; AMCSUS interview with an alumnus [Podcast]

The military education model provides students with a unique environment with the structure, organization, and focus on character and leadership that helps these students understand, appreciate, and achieve their fullest potential. 

“Contrary to Hollywood’s depiction of military schools, they are not options of last resort for troubled teenagers. Today’s military schools enroll some of the country’s finest young men and women and provide them with a whole person education, including challenging academic programs, excellent student-to-teacher ratios, diverse athletic and leadership opportunities, and, most importantly, we incorporate character development throughout.”

On Saturday, Sep. 1, 2018, AMCSUS (Association of Military Colleges & Schools of the United States) Executive Director Colonel Ray Rottman interviewed Major James Bithorn, an alumnus of three schools within the AMCSUS.

The common thread between the Association’s diverse network of schools is they all use the military education model.