Aviation student David Zhou ’19 earns solo flight endorsement

Please join the Aviation Department in congratulating David Zhou on earning his solo endorsement. David flew solo for the first time at Albert Whitted Airport in a Cessna 172, tail number N54067, on April 24, 2019, on runway 18.

David is a 7-day boarder from China who has attended Farragut for three years. He decided to take aviation because it was something unique to Farragut.

“I’ve always liked flying and it’s become a hobby of mine,” he said. “Not every school offers a chance at aviation education so I wanted to take advantage of it.”

David was in the aviation program for two years. His first year he took the dual enrollment Embry-Riddle course and this year he took Aviation Academy.  He plans for flying to be a lifetime hobby and aims to earn his private pilot license while in college.

When asked about his first time flying solo, he said it was very exciting. “I’ve been waiting to solo for a long time, but it has a lot of requirements. You have to get a lot of things done before you can solo. It was a moment of freedom and accomplishment.”

“Flying is not like driving, everyone can drive but not everyone can fly. Being up in the sky is a very different experience for me. I just enjoy flying a lot.”

At Farragut, David is involved in soccer and the math club. Starting this fall David will attend Penn State with a business major.

His advice to future aviation students: “This aviation program is very unique and is a great chance for people who like flying or aviation. We have impressive instructors that are experienced and helpful. Choosing to be a student pilot is not an easy choice because it requires a lot of time and a lot of hard work. You must put in the work and be dedicated.  You may have to give up something you like or your free time to put in the work. After the hard work you put in and you finally get your first solo – the feeling is unique and fantastic.”