Alumnus donation allows AP Bio students to witness DNA sequencing

During Alumni Homecoming 2019, Farragut alumnus Daryl Greenberg ‘66S spent some time in Science Department Chair Sari Deitche’s biology classroom. Daryl was fascinated by the enthusiasm the students shared for biology and how much they were learning about genetics. Mrs. Deitche expressed the need for a MiniOne Gel Electrophoresis System to enhance the learning experience in the classroom and Daryl offered to fund it.

This generous donation was incorporated during the 2019-2020 school year when Farragut AP Biology students started studying DNA and genetics in class. The MiniOne System delivers the complete hands-on electrophoresis experience with real-time visualization of results within a 45-minute class session. The system combines agarose gel electrophoresis and DNA band visualization into one compact package that is efficient and safe to use. Students can make and load gels, view DNA bands separating, and take pictures from their mobile devices for their lab reports.

“This was the very first time for students to learn how to use a micropipette,” said Mrs. Deitche. “Micropipetting 20 microliters is a small amount and allows for very little human error. After all the nerves settled, though, the students were extremely proud of themselves for loading the gel correctly. ”

This lab also provided the students with an excellent visual of how the DNA molecules separate from the quickest (smallest DNA molecules) to the slowest (larger DNA molecules) during one class period.

Thank you to Daryl who made an impact in the AP Bio classroom this year. This system will be used during many more classes and will continue to enhance the learning experience.