Alumni Event Recaps – February 2019

Here is a recap of Alumni events for February 2019.

Traditional “Little Army-Navy Basketball Game” Revived

The Founders Cup against New York Military Academy took place this past January in Baltimore. Both teams showed a great display of outstanding sportsmanship and mutual respect for each other. It was a great matchup with a close score the entire game. The Farragut BlueJackets won 67-62. We look forward to continuing the Founders Cup Tournament and supporting this long-standing rivalry for years to come. Here’s to our friends at NYMA! We will see you next year and we hope to hold onto the Founders Cup Trophy.

Naples Alumni Gathering


Raey Webster ‘59 and CAPT Peter Easton ‘49 with his wife Kathy hosted a Farragut alumni gathering on February 7th at their residence at Glenview Place. The weather was a balmy seventy degrees with cool drinks, good food and great conversation. Connecting with Farragut alumni made the evening truly special. An intimate setting with eight attendees including Al Ferrante ‘66, Tom Miller ‘73 who resides in nearby Cape Coral, Michael Gaynor ‘55S and his wife Constance drove from Marco Island and shared that this was the first alumni gathering they have attended. Everyone enjoyed the evening and stories shared around the table of the many Farragut stories and top secret antics of their youth. Everyone had a fun evening and vowed to keep in touch and to attend this year’s Homecoming Oct 17-19.