Boarders stay in St. Pete, celebrate Thanksgiving at the Goldstein household

Boarder Thanksgiving 2015

Five boarding students stayed on campus over the Thanksgiving break, but just because they did not travel, it did not mean they were far from home.

Robert Chen, Phillip Chen, Menchen Lee, Yibo Wang and Brittany Xue spent Thanksgiving at the household of Rachel Goldstein ‘16, where they were the fortunate recipients of traditional Thanksgiving dinner — turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, and hot rolls.

“Its really cool to let them be part of our traditions here,” Rachel said. “They like the food a lot. Brittany came up to me this past week and said, ‘I miss your food. I want to come visit again.’ It was a great time for them and us.”

This was the second consecutive year the Goldstein family hosted a group of boarders over the break.

“It was a good time,” Rachel said. “We told stories and we played different card games. We taught them Hearts and they taught us how to play Chinese poker.”

In addition to celebrating Thanksgiving with the Goldsteins, the group of boarders travelled to International Mall in Tampa and the Ellenton Premium Outlet Stores in Bradenton. They also saw the feature film, “The Martian,” along with residential life director Calvin Brown.