5th grade executes business skills at Enterprise Village

On November 8th, Mr. Singleton’s 5th-grade class paid a visit to Enterprise Village. Enterprise Village is a self-contained economic education program that provides a hands-on learning experience for students.

Prior to attending Enterprise Village, the 5th grade spent several weeks in the classroom studying basic economics and business skill sets such as writing checks, using a debit card, keeping a checkbook register, applying for a job, and working in a group. These educational objectives were put into action during Enterprise Village.

The village is set up similar to a shopping mall. During the day, the 5th-grade students worked in four of the more than 20 available businesses. The students were assigned to Kane’s Furniture, Mix 100.7 radio station, a professional business office, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Students worked in their assigned business, received paychecks, took three breaks, interacted with other businesses around the village, and had the opportunity to be consumers by making purchases in one of the business-sponsored storefronts.

“It was a wonderful educational experience and the students had a fantastic time,” said Mr. Singleton.