10 Reasons Boarding School Is A Great Option For Parents Living And Working At U.S. Embassies

For parents with jobs that demand more than the average professional’s commitment, it can be difficult to find an education for embassy workers’ children. They want one that truly emphasizes academics while also encouraging students to push their boundaries and explore. There are 10 reasons embassy workers choose boarding schools.  Parents who live and work at U.S. Embassies find boarding schools to be an excellent option for their high school aged children.

10 Reasons Boarding School Is A Great Option For Parents Living And Working At U.S. Embassies

10 Reasons Embassy Workers Choose Boarding Schools

Here are 10 ways that year-round boarding school or summer boarding school, such as the programs offered at Admiral Farragut Academy, are great options for parents working at U.S. Embassies:

1) Academic Excellence:

We realize that academics are of utmost importance to accomplished individuals, such as U.S. Embassy workers. Boarding schools are known for their high academic excellence, and Farragut is no exception. Our teachers and staff have developed a well-rounded curriculum, including STEM and hands-on experiences, field trips and travel.

2) College Prep:

At Farragut, we want all of our students to embrace a life of intellectual curiosity. We want them to stretch their limits. We work closely with students to aid them in preparing for college entrance exams, admissions interviews, and applications. Boarding school also provides an excellent “test run” environment for students to adjust to college dorm life. Also, it provides an excellent education for embassy workers’ children.

3) Discipline:

One of Admiral Farragut Academy’s primary values is discipline. It is highly esteemed by professionals like those who work at U.S. Embassies. We encourage students to understand and honor the importance of instilling discipline into their routines. Their parents obviously have achieved this and so can they. The mandatory Naval Science program helps to instill discipline to all high school students at Farragut.

4) Peer Support and Motivation:

High school boarding or summer boarding school can be tough for many students, especially with busy parents who live abroad. Peer groups are terrific to help students cope with being away from home or for dealing with academic rigors.

5) Diversity:

Our students come from varied backgrounds and many different walks of life which is important to parents who live a diverse life as well. It is also important for students to experience this for when they go onto college.

6) Distraction-Free Environment:

While life in a U.S. Embassy might be glamorous, it can also be distracting. In a boarding school environment, such as Farragut, students are able to avoid distraction and focus on their studies.

7) Extra-Curricular Activities:

It is important for Farragut students to nourish their hearts and bodies as well as their minds. We have many athletic opportunities to build camaraderie and teamwork. Also, we have other extra-curricular options to round out a student’s education.

8) Safety:

We know that U.S. Embassy personnel are highly vigilant about safety and security measures. Farragut takes the safety of its students very seriously and adheres to the Guardian SafeSchool Program®.

9) Home Away From Home:

Farragut dorms are designed to help students feel more at home. Our dorms are supervised 24/7. Parents living abroad can rest assured in their children’s safety and comfort.

10) Time and Attention:

Our sole responsibility at Admiral Farragut Academy is to provide a safe and academically rigorous environment for all students. We are dedicated to providing students with the time and attention they need. Parents are enabled to do important work around the globe.

These are 10 reasons embassy workers choose boarding schools. Hope you enjoyed them and they help you in making decisions for your child’s education.

Try Summer Boarding School

If you’re trying to determine whether boarding school is the right option for your high schooler, consider our summer boarding school program. With 2-, 4-, and 6-week sessions, it’s the perfect way for you and your teen to explore the benefits of boarding school. The staff at Admiral Farragut Academy looks forward to speaking with you regarding your family’s needs for boarding school. In conclusion, we take pride in helping to make the lives of U.S. personnel just a bit easier as they represent our country throughout the world.